Biopharmaceutical manufacturers and other organizations looking for high-quality bioprocessing components will find them at Qosina. Our large selection ranges from barbed connectors to sanitary couplings, with fast delivery as part of the Qosina experience.

Various Couplings for Several Applications

Barbed connectors are some of the most common items used in bioprocessing, and we have a variety available. Connector bodies and connector inserts are in the lineup, as are high-temperature connectors and those with other stand-out features.

Sanitary couplings are another in-demand item. Our selection here includes many couplings from the trusted brand of AseptiQuik®. Choices range from different types of connector inserts to connector bodies, along with a variety of coupling inserts.

Additional components in our bioprocessing division include flanges, cable ties, clamps and end clamps, along with gaskets and tubing. Sterilization supplies is a vast category that contains a selection of standard sterilization pouches in a wide scope of sizes. Sterilization sheets and sterilization tubing are also in the lineup.

Choose the Ideal Couplings for Your Needs

For your ease and convenience, you’re able to filter the results of your bioprocessing components based on various factors. Browse entire collections of items by filtering by subcategories, which is where you’ll find our barbed connector and sanitary coupling options.

Basing your search on the type lets you home in on the specific type of component you’re seeking. This is where you’ll find options such as clamps, Y-connectors, T-connectors, gaskets and pincer tools.

Additional filtering options include the type of port, material, color and series types if you’re looking for very specific components.

As a leading global supplier of more than 5,000 OEM single-use components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, Qosina aims to meet your bioprocessing needs. We also provide 3D CAD models in a variety of formats on certain products, permitting engineers to easily implement components into their design and refer to comprehensible visuals with non-technical team members. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or browse our bioprocessing components today.