Community Outreach

At Qosina, we understand that in today’s world, running a lucrative business is not just about making money and selling a quality product. Sure, these are every company’s ultimate goals, but being successful is also about having social responsibility and making a difference in our community.

We’ve aligned with an organization called AHRC Suffolk, which provides schooling, job training, employment and housing for people with developmental disabilities. AHRC Suffolk's mission is to support and advocate individuals of all ages who have unique abilities and challenges. Their commitment is to provide individualized, high quality services utilizing person-centered approaches in helping them to discover and define their own quality of life.

Our employees volunteer at AHRC Suffolk’s fundraisers, and we’ve also hired the organization’s adults with disabilities to help us with our packaging needs and assembling our product kits.

We are committed to building long-lasting relationships with our fellow community members and creating a sustainable future.

For more information on how you can help visit


Qosina President, Scott Herskovitz and team at the AHRC Car Show


Qosina team members, Debbie Morrison, Ken Wolcott & Sue Putnam at the AHRC Suffolk Car Show


Baskets of beauty supplies from our sister company Qosmedix donated for AHRC Raffles

Stanfort J. Perry Executive Director of AHRC Nassau accepts a check from Qosina