Qosina is your one-stop source for medical components to keep your project on track. If medical syringes are part of your design, we invite you to explore our website for the best selection, free samples, downloadable resources and low minimum orders.

Catheter Tip Syringe Caps and More

Find one of the largest selections of non-sterile medical syringes at Qosina, ready for immediate delivery. Our catalog features syringes in a variety of materials, sizes, grips and colors. Among our extensive inventory, you’ll find standard disposable syringes, control syringes for regulating fluid, economical two-piece syringes, open-ended medical syringes for viscous fluids, catheter tip syringes, and many more.

Pressure Inflation Syringes

This type of syringe is used to inflate and deflate balloons or other interventional devices, as well as to measure the pressure and time of inflation within the balloon during a procedure. In addition, pressure inflation syringes are used to dispense fluids into the body and monitor the pressure of that fluid. Our collection includes individually packaged pressure inflation syringes with a three-way stopcock.

Non-Sterile Syringes in Bulk

Our catalog includes bulk syringe styles such as male and female luer locks, rotating male luer lock syringes, male luer slips, catheter tip syringes, ENFit® and NRFit™ syringes, open-bore syringes and curved tipped syringes. We are also a distributor of genuine BD™, Monoject™, Medallion®, and VacLok® single-use syringes.

ENFit® syringes are designed specifically for enteral processes such as initial tube placement, flushing, irrigation and more. Their design decreases the risk of misconnections to the tubing. NRFit™ syringes are ISO-compliant neuraxial connectors and, like ENFit®, decrease the possibility of neuraxial misconnections.

Becton Dickinson (BD™) is a leading manufacturer of safety injection needles and syringes, continually striving to develop high-quality injection devices that protect healthcare professionals from needlestick injuries and exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Monoject™ syringes also are geared to protection of clinicians through their easy, one-handed design and safety shields.

With several color options, Medallion® syringes are specifically aimed at facilitating compliance with national safety goals requiring all medications be labelled, both on and off the sterile field. VacLok™ syringes are distinctive in that they allow healthcare workers to lock the plunger in multiple positions to create a negative pressure vacuum.

Disposable Control Stroke Syringes

Qosina stocks control syringes for a variety of medical uses. These disposable syringes help ensure volume regulation during fluid delivery and are utilized for precise injection or withdrawal. Control stroke medical syringes are equipped with a dimple inside the barrel opposite the graduation. The dimple acts as a plunger stop, controlling the amount of fluid when the dose amount is critical. Control stroke syringes have a male luer lock that accepts any female luer lock. Sizes offered are:

  • 0.75 milliliter
  • 1 milliliter
  • 1.25 milliliters
  • 1.5 milliliters
  • 2 milliliters

All five disposable medical syringe sizes feature a clear polypropylene barrel and plunger rod, plus a polyisoprene plunger tip. In addition, these bulk syringes do not contain DEHP, BPA or natural rubber.

Syringe Caps and Accessories

In addition to our medical and catheter syringe selections, the Qosina catalog presents a wide variety of wholesale syringe accessories such as caps, dispensing tips, finger grips, handling blocks and sheaths. We are pleased to offer a variety of vented and non-vented syringe caps.

If you need help determining which medical syringes, syringe caps or accessories fit with your project design — or if you need help sourcing custom syringes not found in our catalog — contact our friendly, knowledgeable customer service agents. We can develop medical syringes to your exact specifications, often by altering an existing mold in design, color, size or material, yielding a cost-effective solution that keeps your project moving forward.

Support for Medical Syringe Projects

Our full-line catalog contains over 5,000 OEM plastic medical device component supplies, and it features full-scale images of thousands of stock components on a one-centimeter grid. We operate in an ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 22301 and ISO 14001 registered facility, and help keep your project on target with low minimum order requirements and short lead times.

Our 3D CAD models are available in a variety of formats and allow your engineers to easily implement components into virtual designs while staying current with government and safety regulations. Other downloadable resources from Qosina include comprehensive technical information on all our products, including material safety and data sheets (MSDS), technical data sheets, material certification, and compatibility information.