Qosina stocks a wide selection of disposable containers. From specimen containers and Sharps containers to beakers, funnels, graduated cylinders, ampule breakers and more, we’ve got the medical containers and accessories you need in stock and ready for just-in-time delivery.

Medical Waste Containers

The smallest disposable medical container in our collection is a transportable shuttle that is convenient and easy to carry. This medical-grade container allows for a simple, one-handed operation for opening or closing, and is equipped with a final locking mechanism for added security. The larger medical waste containers in our collection range from one-quart to 12-gallon sizes that are ideal for larger amounts of hazardous and nonhazardous waste. Our medical waste containers are made from chemically resistant polypropylene and include a variety of lid styles. Some are equipped with leak-resistant gaskets. Other medical containers in our inventory also feature an absorbent pad to help contain liquid.

Specimen Containers from Qosina

Qosina specimen containers are available in capacities of 10 ml to 120 ml. Some collection vials come with a convenient strap-attached polyethylene screw cap. The medical containers in our collection are suitable for any type of specimen collection and are available in clear polystyrene for excellent visibility of contents and in amber for light-sensitive contents. A self-standing flat bottom makes handling and storage easier, and both types of specimen containers come with a writing surface for labeling the contents. Specimen container jars with caps are available in a variety of sizes.

The test tubes in our collection have rounded bottoms and are stocked in a variety of sizes and materials. Choose from a polypropylene hinged jar that holds five milliliters, as well as an assortment of plastic bottles made of high-density polyethylene, polypropylene or polyethylene. Find bottles in our stock that have a narrow neck, wide mouth or bellow opening. Caps that fit our bellow bottles are available with a cannula tip, snip-off tip or male luer lock tip insert.

Other Laboratory Containers

Other laboratory containers from Qosina include basins, bowls and trays. The plastic medical containers in our collection come in a variety of colors, materials and sizes. We stock a variety of plastic measuring cups in different colors, including a disposable one-ounce measuring cup with international measurements. This highly durable, polypropylene medical specimen container has clearly marked embossed measurements for milliliters, cubic centimeters, drams, ounces and tablespoons to meet all your liquid measurement requirements, no matter where your team is located. We also stock other medical containers and laboratory containers, such as beakers, a graduated cylinder, funnels, Sharps containers and ampule breakers.

Your Source for OEM Single-Use Components

Qosina is a leading global supplier of over 5, 000 OEM components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We operate in a 95,000-square-foot facility that is ISO 13485, ISO 22301, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered and includes a Class 8 Clean Room. We support your team’s innovation with low minimum orders and short lead times on plastic medical device components. Browse our full-color catalog that features high-quality images of each component on a one-centimeter grid.

We also offer free downloadable 3D CAD models of all our Quick Disconnect Couplings and other components, so your engineers can try them in virtual models before you buy and share visuals with nontechnical team members. If your project requires a component that you cannot find in our inventory, contact us about custom sourcing. Altering an existing mold to meet your needs is a cost-effective way to keep your project moving forward. Additional resources include comprehensive technical specifications on all our products, such as material safety and data sheets, technical data sheets, material certification, and compatibility information.