Single-use medical tube connectors from Qosina save you money and get your device to market faster. Whether you need high-quality needleless connectors with a female luer lock or a Y connector sample assortment for your prototype, Qosina gets you connected to a huge inventory, great customer service and fast, reliable shipping.

Get Connected

The medical tube connector collection at Qosina covers all your single-use connector needs. From bayonet fittings to Y connectors, giant-bore connectors to mouthpieces, male and female luer lock connectors to male and female ENFit™ and NRFit™ connectors, we stock a wide range of single-use medical tubing connectors in one place. Our catalog features full-scale images of our tube connectors on a one-centimeter grid, making it easier to select the correct item for your project.

Find the Source

Our inventory of metal, plastic and needleless connectors is sizable, but if you need a specific type of tube connector that isn’t in our 500-plus-page catalog, we can still help. Altering an existing mold is a cost-effective way to create the medical connector you need to your exact specifications, and we are happy to work with you on sourcing hard-to-find tube connectors, subassemblies and tubing, regardless of the scope of your project. Contact us today to explore the possibilities for sourcing medical tube connectors of all specifications.

We also offer free samples of most of our tubing connectors and access to online 3D CAD models, so you can test the product thoroughly before committing to a purchase.

Save Time and Money

When you buy medical tubing connectors and other disposable OEM components from Qosina, you’re making a smart move. We keep thousands of components in stock at our 95,000-square-foot facility, ship quickly around the globe and are happy to help organize volume and blanket orders that release according to your workflow schedule. When you don’t have to worry about tooling costs or reliable delivery, you save time and money for your real passion: engineering tomorrow’s medical and pharmaceutical solutions.