Injection & Sampling Ports

Qosina carries a wide array of needle and needle-free injection sites and sampling ports in stock and ready for just-in-time delivery. Choose from male luer lock, latex-free silicone injection ports and more in a variety of configurations with free samples available.

Needleless Injection Sites

Qosina offers an extensive line of swabbable non-latex single-use needleless injection sites. Female luer lock equipped injection sites mate securely with all standard luer syringes and connectors. The injection port allows for bidirectional flow, which can be used to aspirate or inject fluids. Made from radiation-grade polycarbonate and featuring a silicone valve, they offer a high flow rate in a variety of configurations for needle-free injections.

Y-connector needleless injection sites are available in a port size of 0.16 inch (4.1 mm) to 0.11 inch (2.8 mm) ID. Break-off tip connector luer lock needle-free valves are designed to isolate fluid in the bag from the valve until ready for use and have port sizes of 0.236-inch (6 mm) ID and 0.26-inch (6.6 mm) ID. Luer lock injection site tube end connectors are easy to grasp while connecting to a luer access device and are offered in various port sizes:

  • 0.078-inch (1.98 mm) ID
  • 0.098-inch (2.5 mm) ID
  • 0.11-inch (2.8 mm) ID
  • 0.145-inch (3.7 mm) ID
  • 0.16-inch (4.1 mm) ID

Our single-use injection site needleless bag access valve is designed to attach directly to a bag during production, allowing connection from a mating luer connector and eliminating the need for spike ports. The bag access valves in our collection offer port sizes of 0.16-inch (4.1 mm) ID and 0.27-inch (6.9 mm) OD. Male luer slip connector medical injection sites and male luer lock connector needle-free injection sites conveniently connect the needleless medical injection site to standard female luer connections. Request a full-color Qosina catalog and complimentary samples of our needle-free injection sites for testing with your team before committing to a purchase.

Self-Sealing Injection Ports from Qosina

Equipped with a smooth, easy-to-swab surface, cost-effective needle-free valves are for injection and withdrawal and offer a high chemical resistance. In stock and ready to ship, luer lock single-use medical needle-free valves reduce the risk of injuries, offer a high flow rate with low priming volume, provide a straight-through fluid path, and are available in a variety of configurations. T-connectors are offered in our inventory with a male luer slip and male luer with spin lock configuration. Our needle-free injection site Y-connectors are available with a tube connection. Vial access adapters are available for 13 mm and 20 mm vials, with an adjustable vial adapter to fit 13-mm to 20-mm vials also available. We also carry luer lock needle-free valves with straight connections for tubing or straight connections with a male luer lock, and single-use universal connections, along with a tri-port connector and a four-way stopcock. In addition, our collection includes single-use disposable injection site sub-assemblies appointed with a bag spike, a bag spike with a one-way check valve for withdrawal only, and an extension line with a clamp.

Needle Injection Sites

Our collection also includes sampling ports along with an array of needle injection site configurations. Find latex-free injection sites with male luer lock, in-line and Y-shaped options. You can also find silicone injection ports, like a one-way sampling port with an ABS red male luer lock body, a polycarbonate female luer lock body, and silicone valves. Other needle injection site options in our inventory include ports with sterilization ring and cap, double-T configurations and grommet stoppers made from Kraton.

Thousands of Medical Components in Stock

Qosina is a leading global supplier of OEM single-use components for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We help get your innovations to market with over 5,000 components in stock at our 95,000-square-foot ISO 13485, ISO 22301, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered climate-controlled facility with a Class 8 Clean Room. Your team can access 3D CAD models of all our Quick Disconnect Couplings and other components that are downloadable in multiple forms for adaptations in virtual drawings and for sharing visuals with nontechnical team members. Other downloadable resources include comprehensive technical specifications, such as material safety and data sheets, technical data sheets, material certification, and compatibility information on all products.