Disposable Medical Apparel

Qosina offers disposable white shoe covers with a non-skid sole are a cost effective choice to help prevent both environmental contamination from foreign matter and sliding on slippery surfaces. Made from non-woven polypropylene with elastic openings they easily fit over most footwear. Qosina masks are made of various materials. The respirator mask can be round, square or flat. The pink or multi-color ear loop face masks are made of non-woven polypropylene, with extra high filtration. They are breathable, latex and fiberglass free, with fluid resistant layers.

Additional medical apparel from Qosina includes caps, protective eyewear, gloves and sleeve/arm guard. Qosina offers disposable caps that are 21 inches expanded, come in white or clear and a variety of materials. Qosina carries disposable polycarbonate safety glasses and goggles. Anti-fog safety googles are made of polycarbonate and polyester. The white sleeve/arm guard is 18 inches long and made of polyethylene. Qosina offers a variety of single-use disposable medical components for engineers and kit packers. Request a catalog and complimentary samples for testing.

Medical Clothing from Qosina

Qosina stocks cleanroom quality protective lab wear. Among the most popular is a blue snap-front jacket in size medium. Light-weight medical clothing made from latex-free, breathable non-woven fibers is a cost-effective way to guard clothing while projecting a professional and hygienic appearance. Medical clothing is inexpensive enough to use and discard. Qosina carries a selection of one-size disposable medical clothing including kimonos, gowns and poly-aprons. Black or white Kimonos vary in length and material. The blue gown with thumb loops measures 42 inches long and the poly-apron, which is 43 inches long, are both made of polyethylene.