Why Sampling Is Essential


Most engineers know from experience that Qosina offers free samples of our medical OEM components to our customers around the globe. But why is sampling so essential to the design and development process? Engineers experiment with many different products while determining what to spec into a design. From sizes, colors, materials and pricing, all are considered to be pivotal to the decision-making process. Our samples are perfect for building prototypes, testing different sterilization methods and validating bonding agents.


We make it easy to obtain free samples of our products either on our website, or over the phone with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives. Simply log on to Qosina.com, choose your product and add it to your sample cart or call 631-242-3000 to request your samples over the phone. Once you’ve got your samples in hand, evaluate them for use in your current application or a future assignment. Need additional samples? Just give us a call! We want to ensure that our customers have all of the information they need to make a decision when finding the right component to fit their project requirements.