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Vascular Access

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6-Channel Multi-Cavity Extended Clip, Natural

Qosina offers a variety of channel clips that are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Qosina part #12534 is a 6-channel multi-cavity extended clip designed to secure guide wire dispensing tubing. Made of MDPE, this natural channel clip features two 0.121 inch channels and four 0.115 inch channels. The extended clip design aids in providing stability and shape and can be used as an area for labeling. Qosina carries a large selection of catheter and guide wire accessories for all your component needs.
Four Channels 0.115 inch (2.92 mm) Two Channels 0.121 inch (3.07 m...

Endoscopic Valve

0 FR - 5 FR (0 inch - 0.065 inch, 0 mm - 1.67 mm)

Introducer Needle with Protector, Extra Thin Wall

18 G x 2.75 inch (70 mm)

Tuohy Borst Adapter, Male Luer with Spin Lock

Qosina offers a variety of valves and tuohy borst adapters that are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Made with a tinted polycarbonate male luer lock body, clear acrylic spin lock and silicone gasket, Qosina part #80369 is designed to prevent the backflow of fluids and can accommodate 2-6 FR tubes or instruments. Qosina has a wide selection of tuohy borst adapters, as well as tuohy borst components that allow you to create your own custom configuration based on your application.
2 FR - 6 FR, 22 G - 12 G (0.026 inch - 0.083 inch, 0.66 mm - 2.11 ...