Universal Bubble Tubing

Bubble tubing is widely used in many medical and pharmaceutical applications, and Qosina keeps a steady supply of universal bubble tubing in stock. This type of tubing is often used for connecting suction sources to suction devices. It’s also well-suited for use as oxygen supply tubing.

Universal Bubble Tubing Features

The bubble tubing we offer is made of PVC and is non-conductive. The tubing features a bubble every 36 inches, which can be cut to form funnel or tapered connectors. Easy cutting is one of the major advantages of this tubing type, as it can be quickly and accurately cut with a pair of quality shears.

In addition to being easy to cut, our universal bubble tubing provides a number of benefits. The flexible funnel ends can be easily attached to most fittings, and integral connectors are located at every 36-inch interval along the length of tubing.

Universal bubble tubing is just one of the many tubing types we carry, and you can always contact us to request components you don’t see in stock. Our extensive experience and capabilities within the industry allows us to fulfill custom requests for items to meet specific needs. We also offer free product development consultations.

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Our goal is to make it convenient and easy for you to find, order and obtain components in a fast and accurate manner. Browse our selection of universal bubble tubing, different tubing types and other items, and place your order today.