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The Evolution of Qosina’s Product Catalog


To say that we take pride in our product catalog is an understatement. We pour hours and hours into laying out the images, writing copy, proofreading and then proofreading again. We’ve been told by medical device engineers that our catalog is the authoritative component resource guide. So it’s understandable that we settle for nothing less than perfection when it comes to producing this book.

In honor of the release of our 2018 catalog, we thought it would be fun to take a look back on Qosina catalogs of years past.

Our very first product catalog, which was a four-page flyer, was printed in the early 1980s shortly after the company was founded. At that time, our product offering consisted of fewer than 100 components. The first product we sold was the slide clamp, which remains one of our most popular items today. We also carried a number of connectors, fittings and Berman airways.

As Qosina grew, our catalog evolved as well. By 1996, the catalog consisted of 93 pages, and by 2012, it boasted a whopping 740 pages (which we eventually pared down to 528). We also unveiled a brand new cover in 2012, one that showcased our thousands of stock components.

Other historical catalog facts:

  • Our signature one-centimeter grid—which is an integral part of the Qosina brand—made its catalog debut in 1994.
  • Until 2003, Qosina and its subsidiary Qosmedix were combined into one catalog.
  • In the early catalogs, we designated new products by printing the part number in red. But by 1995, we created the New Components section (now New Arrivals).
  • By 1999, we began to include helpful charts, like conversion tables, metric conversions, units of capacity and PSI tables.

Our catalog and product offering may have changed drastically during our 37-year history, but our integrity, quality products and dedication to our customers have remained the same.

To get your copy of our new 2018 catalog—which includes more than 150 new product additions—you can click here, or call one of our customer service specialists at (631) 242-3000.