The Case for Just-In-Time Inventory Management

Just In Time Case Study

All processes—no matter how well-organized—contain some degree of waste. Toyota realized in the 1920s that manufacturing process waste—in the form of excess inventory, defective products and extraneous process steps—was the enemy of optimal manufacturing time and cost. These realizations led to the creation of the Toyota Production System (TPS), an approach that catapulted Toyota to the top of the global automotive industry. The production system was deemed the primary reason for Toyota's success and its unparalleled quality.

How does this relate to the medical device component industry? Principles of Toyota’s system can be applied to nearly every industry and process, as the beauty of the TPS is its simplicity and foundation in logical improvement patterns.

Read our latest case study to learn why, when it comes to selecting a trusted component supplier, it’s crucial to partner with a company that is ISO 22301-certified, implements an effective inventory management system and has years of industry experience.