Catheter Tip Syringe Caps

Qosina has one of the largest selections of non-sterile syringes and are ready for immediate delivery. Syringes are offered in a variety of materials, sizes, grips, and colors. The extensive offering consists of standard disposable syringes, control syringes for regulating fluid, economical two-piece syringes, open ended medical syringes for viscous fluids, and more. Styles for bulk syringes include male and female luer locks, rotating male luer locks, male luer slips, catheter tip syringes, curved tips, and eccentric tips for applications such as collection, dispensing, irrigation, loss of resistance, negative pressure and more. Qosina is also a distributor of genuine BD™, Monoject™, Medallion® and VacLok® single-use syringes. In addition, the Qosina catalog presents a wide variety of wholesale syringe accessories such as caps, dispensing tips, finger grips, handling blocks, and sheaths. Qosina operates an ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 registered facility. Qosina offers low minimums and short lead times on plastic medical device components.

Disposable Medical Syringes

Qosina stocks control syringes. These disposable syringes help ensure volume regulation during fluid delivery, and are used for precise injection or withdrawal. All medical syringes are equipped with a dimple inside the barrel opposite the graduation, which acts as a plunger stop. The dimple controls the amount of fluid when the dose amount is critical. Control syringes have a male luer lock that accepts any female luer lock, and are offered in sizes, 0.75 ml, 1 ml, 1.25 ml, 1.5 ml, and 2 ml. All five disposable medical syringes feature a clear polypropylene barrel and plunger rod, and a polyisoprene plunger tip. The bulk syringes do not contain DEHP, BPA, or natural rubber. Qosina offers a variety of vented and non-vented syringe caps for you to complete your project. The Qosina Full-Line Catalog contains OEM medical device component supplies and features full-scale photographs of thousands of stock components on a one-centimeter grid.