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Adapter - 52210


10 mm OD x 22 mm OD
Adult Hose Cuff - 51304

Adult Hose Cuff

22 mm OD x 22 mm ID
Assembly Cuff, Blue, for 80063 - 51416
Assembly Cuff, Green, for 80063 - 51411
Assembly Cuff, Grey, for 80063 - 51417
Assembly Cuff, Orange, for 80063 - 51412
Assembly Cuff, Red, for 80063 - 51413
Assembly Cuff, White, for 80063 - 51410
Assembly Cuff, Yellow, for 80063 - 51414
Berman Airway, Black - 50116

Berman Airway, Black

60 mm
Berman Airway, Blue - 50115

Berman Airway, Blue

50 mm
Berman Airway, Green - 50118

Berman Airway, Green

80 mm
Berman Airway, Light Pink - 50114
Berman Airway, Orange - 50121

Berman Airway, Orange

110 mm
Berman Airway, White - 50117

Berman Airway, White

70 mm
Breathing Bag, Latex-Free - 54935

Breathing Bag, Latex-Free

0.5 Liter
Breathing Bag, Latex-Free - 54938
Connector, Natural - 51517

Connector, Natural

10 mm OD x 15 mm OD
Disconnect Wedge - 53522

Disconnect Wedge

15 mm
Double Swivel Elbow Connector with Suction Port - 56024

Double Swivel Elbow Connector with Suction Port

22 mm OD/15 mm ID x 15 mm OD
Elbow Connector - 51038

Elbow Connector

22 mm OD / 15 mm ID x 15 mm OD
Hose Clip - 51037

Hose Clip

0.87 inch (22 mm)
Luer Valve, White - 80063

Luer Valve, White

Qosina offers a variety of valves that are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Qosina part # 80063 is designed for applications that require inflation. Once activated by the stem of a male luer lock connection, this valve opens, allowing for the free flow of air or fluid. When disconnected, the valve closes and keeps air inside. Made from PP, polyester, nitrile and stainless steel, this bidirectional valve features a 0.181 inch OD tubing port and works with our line of multi-colored assembly cuffs (Qosina part # 51410 - 51417). Qosina offers a large selection of valves and valve accessories to satisfy your project requirements.
0.181 inch OD (4.6 mm)
Mouthpiece, Natural - 56011

Mouthpiece, Natural

Fits 22 mm ID Connection

The full line of respiratory medical components at Qosina helps your team breathe a bit easier. Find what you need to complete your project — from oxygen adapters to airway fittings to masks and more — in our extensive in-stock collection. If you can’t find the airway fittings that suit your project in our inventory, contact us about custom sourcing for the exact size, color, or material you need.

Masks, Mouthpieces & Nose Clips

Our assortment of respiratory mouthpieces includes BPA-free options and models made from PVC, HDPE, and polyethylene to fit 22 mm ID connectors. Choose from clear, white, and blue colors. Also find breathing masks with or without hook rings for children and adults with wide sizes available. Our collection also includes both padded and non-padded nose clips in a variety of materials and colors.

Bags & Berman Airways

Our latex-free breathing bags are made from a combination of NPRN and TPE in sizes from 0.5 liter to three liters. Choose BPA-free Berman airways in a variety of colors of low-density polyethylene that are perforated or unperforated in sizes from 40 mm to 110 mm.

Valves, Bushings & Connectors

We bring you a wide selection of oxygen adapters and oxygen connector ports to complete your project. Valves in our collection include one-way, assembly cuff, bi-directional, and tubing-to-tubing styles for female luer lock, barbed, and tubing ports in a wide variety of colors, materials, and sizes. Oxygen bushings and straight connectors are available in PVC and DEHP-free PVC. Find a wide variety of connectors including cannula connectors, straight connectors, oxygen tubing wye connectors, and more with male luer slip, male record, barbed, and tubing ports. Select airway fittings have 3D CAD models available for your team to test in virtual designs before you buy.

Oxygen Accessories

Find more respiratory accessories among our medical components to keep your project on track. Non-sterile circuit accessories include water traps, disconnect wedges, hose clips, tubing hangers, temperature ports on straps, and in-line flow indicators. If your project requires medical tubing, we offer selections in medical-grade silicone, high-density polyethylene, and more. Contact us about free samples of any of our respiratory tubing, adapters, or other medical components.