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Quick Disconnect Connectors

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Quick Disconnect Coupling Connectors

Quick disconnect connectors for general purpose, life sciences and specialty products are available in a variety of materials and configurations. Qosina’s quick disconnect couplings are manufactured by Colder Products Co. These CPC quick disconnect couplings are sold as a body and insert with a shut-off or straight thru and are sold non-sterile. CPC quick disconnect coupling connector sample kits are available for purchase for medical device engineer testing. Qosina is your source for male luer caps, female luer caps, double dead-ender caps, and anti-slip boots. Large-bore connectors are offered for higher flow; single-use medical device large-bore connector configurations include male and female connectors, along with male and female caps. Other connector styles include Hansen, funnel, shielded, suction and flare. Barbed medical connectors are offered in stepped, threaded, male luer slip, female luer lock port, male luer lock, and stepped connector caps. Single-use medical connector configurations are available in various styles. Qosina is a leading medical device component supplier of disposable OEM components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Companies purchase from Qosina to eliminate tooling costs and receive immediate delivery of single-use medical components from inventory.