Qosina Offers Free Product Development Consulting Services


Need help getting started with your next product design project? You’ve come to the right place! Our product development engineering team will review your design and recommend cost-effective design solutions. We have over 5,000 stock components in our warehouse, which will save you time and money because you won’t have to develop your own mold. If your desired component is not available, we will source it for you or develop a custom part.

Our product development engineering team will help you:

  • Select medical-grade components from our vast inventory
  • Run a material you already have specified in our tooling
  • Obtain a second source to qualify up front for a secure supply chain
  • Streamline your vendor list and outsource for you
  • Adjust a stock design to suit your application, which includes size, color and material changes
  • Quote secondary operations and partial assemblies

Product designers and engineers can try out different stock components during the product design phase. Qosina provides complimentary samples on most products so they can be tested during prototyping and research and development.

We provide full documentation, such as Safety Data Sheets, Technical Data Sheets, and compatibility information to ensure you are qualifying the appropriate material for your project. We’ll give you detailed component drawings and material specifications that allow you to easily implement components into your design as well as comply with government regulations.

How can you take advantage of this valuable service? Simply call us at +1 (631) 242-3000, email us at sales@qosina.com, or stop by our booth at one of our upcoming trade shows and speak with a member of our sales team in person.

Qosina assists companies of all sizes with projects of any scope. Once we source the items you need, you can place a blanket order. We will hold your inventory in our warehouse and release it according to your schedule.

Whether you need luers, stopcocks, hemostasis valves, tuohy borst adapters, slide clamps or syringes, or you’re looking for specific tubing or connectors, Qosina is ready to help you get your project off the ground and get it to market quickly and efficiently.