Qosina Commemorates Women's History Month

Qosina celebrates one of their own trailblazing women


March is Women’s History Month, where we commemorate and celebrate the vital role of women in American history. I would like to recognize one woman who played an integral role in the growth and success of Qosina Corp.

Elizabeth “Liz” Seims had worked in customer service before she was hired as a receptionist by Stuart Herskovitz, Qosina’s founder. Her work ethic, attitude and ability to convert Stuart’s entrepreneurial thinking into actionable items made her a rising star in the organization. She was able to think three steps ahead of Stuart’s requests, find the answer to his questions and anticipate the next three based on the answer to the first.

When it came to customer relationships, Liz had a moral compass that always pointed true north. Famously, Stuart started the company and only wanted to sell full boxes of product as they came from the vendor, so as not to incur the added labor of counting individual pieces. However, Liz was getting requests from customers who only wanted to buy the quantity they needed, not a full box. To this day, we remain one of the few component suppliers in the medical device industry that offers this service for the types of product we carry, and it is a big differentiator compared to others in our industry.

As Qosina grew, Liz flourished as well. She and Stuart had a similar outlook on how customers and employees should be treated. She had the innate ability to transfer her knowledge and insights to new employees, which led to a managerial role making sure that everyone was doing their jobs according to those guiding principles.

Liz’ growth in the company allowed Stuart the time and energy to focus on what he did best: traveling the world to meet customers and find new business opportunities or new products for the catalog. In those days, no one had mobile phones and there was no internet, so it was impossible for Stuart to search for new opportunities while handling existing ones. Liz was eventually promoted to CEO and oversaw customer service, sales, marketing and purchasing; her leadership of those functions made the growth of Qosina possible.

Elizabeth Seims was not the only powerful woman to make important impacts at Qosina Corp., nor will she be the last. Qosina prides itself on always supporting the career development and leadership opportunities for women in our workplace. I believe that I have achieved success in my current role in part because of the trailblazing women that came before me. Thank you to all the women who work or have worked at Qosina. Your hard work and dedication have helped us to build this company into the success it is today.

Scott Herskovitz
President and CEO