Parallel Y Connector with Female Luer Locks and Bayonnet Fitting

With thousands of stock components, it is easy to build your own sub-assemblies from our line of products. By connecting female luer locks (11530) and a bayonnet fitting (64113) to our plastisol Y connector (81250), you can create a blood pressure cuff adapter. Utilize a cable tie (99989) to secure the connection. Additional material and size options may be available. Contact our sales team to learn more.

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Recommended Parts

Plastisol Horseshoe Y - 81250

1x 81250

Female Luer Lock to Barb Connector - 11530

2x 11530

Non-Re-opening Cable Tie, Natural-99989

3x 99989

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Part No. Product Name Measurements Material
81250 Y Connector, Parallel, Tubing Ports, Natural 1/4 inch ID (0.25 inch, 6.35 mm) Plastisol
11530 Female Luer Lock, Barbed, White Fits 1/4 inch ID Tubing (0.25 inch, 6.35 mm) Nylon
99989 General Purpose Non-reopening Cable Tie, Natural 3.15 inch (80 mm); 80N (18 lbs) Breaking Strength Nylon

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