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Cotton Towel, Green - 73007

Cotton Towel, Green

17 inch x 26 inch (432 mm x 660 mm)
PenBlade® Safety Scalpel, Green - 50 per bag - 34018

PenBlade® Safety Scalpel, Green - 50 per bag

Qosina offers a variety of non-sterile, single-use safety scalpels that are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Qosina part #34018 is the revolutionary #15 PenBlade®. Sold per bag of 50, the scalpel's white and green body is constructed of medical-grade ABS, and the blade is high-quality British stainless steel for improved sharpness and durability. The pen-style activation is intuitive, using existing muscle memory (clicking an ink pen), and the release button is positioned near the front of the scalpel, where it can be pressed without looking or repositioning the hand. When the blade is retracted, the end of the PenBlade® forms a suture-trimming groove. This unique patented feature is not available on any other surgical scalpel. Qosina supplies a number of safety scalpels and a wide selection of procedure tray kit components and tools to meet your kit packing requirements.