Needle Injection Sites

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  • 80028

    Injection Site, Male Luer Lock, White

    PC, Polyisoprene
  • 80029

    Injection Site, Male Luer Lock

    PC, Polyisoprene
  • 80149

    Injection Site, Male Luer Lock

    ABS, Polyisoprene
  • 91015

    Male Luer Lock Injection Site, Yellow

    PP, Polyisoprene
  • 80203

    Y Injection Site, Tubing Ports

    Both Ports 0.079 inch ID (2 mm)
    ABS, Polyisoprene, PVC
  • 80016

    T Injection Site, Tubing Ports, Male Luer Lock

    Both Ports 0.094 inch ID (2.4 mm)
    ABS, Isoprene/SBR, PVC
  • 80012

    Y Injection Site, Tubing Ports

    Both Ports 0.156 inch ID (4 mm)
    ABS, Polyisoprene
  • 12102

    Y Injection Site, Tubing Ports

    Both Ports 0.157 inch ID (4 mm)
    MABS, Polyisoprene
  • 80005

    Y Injection Site, Tubing Ports

    Both Ports 0.161 inch ID (4.1 mm)
    ABS, Polyisoprene, PVC
  • 49005

    Injection Site Bag Port with Sterilization Ring and Cap

    0.208 inch - 0.244 inch OD (5.3 mm - 6.2 mm)
    PC, Latex, PP, AL
  • 80138

    Injection Site Bag Port, Tubing Port, White

    Fits 0.236 inch ID Tubing (6 mm)
    PC, Polyisoprene, PP
  • 80139

    Injection Site Bag Port, Tubing Port, Blue

    Fits 0.236 inch ID Tubing (6 mm)
    PC, Polyisoprene, PP
  • 31140

    Grommet Stopper

    0.74 inch Diameter (18.8 mm)
  • Q6000 IS

    Sample Assortment Kit, Injection Sites

    See below for details on kit contents and quantities.
    Alternative items may be substituted depending on availability.
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With over 5,000 in-stock components available off the shelf and an in-house product development team that can work with you on custom products, we can help you with all of your component requirements and get you exactly what you need!

Qosina carries a wide array of needle injection sites in stock and ready for just-in-time delivery. Choose from a variety of different types and configurations, with free samples available to ensure you’re selecting the component that works best for you.

A Full Selection of Needle Injection Sites

Options include male luer lock, female luer lock and injection ports, along with a range of colors, materials and types. While the main bodies of most components are clear, you can opt for injection sites that feature blue, red, white or yellow parts for easy distinction.

Injection site materials include Kraton, latex rubber, polyisoprene rubber, isoprene, SBR and silicone. Injection site housing materials include PVC, ABS, polycarbonate and polypropylene.

Our commitment to quality ensures you’ll find the leading industry brands in stock, such as a lineup of SmartSite™ injection products.

Reliable, Premium Injection Sites

While injection sites may seem rather straightforward, they are actually integral parts of a complex system that provide an essential function. That means they must be high-quality, dependable components, which is exactly what Qosina is known for.

With 40 years in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, we are a leading global supplier of OEM single-use components. One of our goals is to help get your innovations to market, and we provide this assistance by offering more than 5,000 components in stock and available for online purchase.

Your team can also access 3D CAD models of many of our components, which are downloadable in multiple forms for adaptations in virtual drawings and sharing with non-technical team members.

Another one of our goals is to provide exceptional customer service, giving you a reliable source for finding, placing and receiving your order quickly and accurately. Needle injection sites are just one of the vast scope of supplies you’ll find at Qosina. Contact us with any questions or for more information, or browse our collection of needle injection sites and place your order today.