Needle Injection Sites

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Injection Port with Sterilization Ring and Cap

0.208 inch - 0.244 inch OD (5.3 mm - 6.2 mm)

Double T Injection Site with Male Luer Lock

Both Ports 0.094 inch ID (2.4 mm)

Grommet Stopper

0.74 inch Diameter (18.8 mm)

Injection Site, Blue

Fits 0.268 inch OD Tubing (6.8 mm)

Injection Site, Blue, Latex-Free

Fits 0.236 inch ID Tubing (6 mm)

Injection Site, White, Latex-Free

Fits 0.236 inch ID Tubing (6 mm)

In-Line Injection Site, Latex-Free

Both Ports 0.118 inch ID x 0.236 inch OD (3 mm x 6 mm)

Y Injection Site

Both Ports 0.156 inch ID (4 mm)

Y Injection Site

Both Ports 0.157 inch ID (4 mm)

Y Injection Site

Both Ports 0.079 inch ID (2 mm)

Y Injection Site, Latex Free

Both Ports 0.161 inch ID (4.1 mm)

Swabbable Needleless One-Way Sampling Valve, Female Luer Lock, Mal...

Qosina offers a variety of valves that are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Qosina part # 90403 is a component ideal for procedures involving liquid sampling. Materials consist of an ABS red male luer lock body, a polycarbonate female luer lock body and silicone valves. When the needleless swabbable luer activated valve is accessed by a male luer lock or male luer slip syringe, the internal duckbill check valve allows fluid samples to be taken. The one-way duckbill prevents accidental injection through the connector. The needleless valve seals against any back pressure upon disconnection of the syringe. Qosina offers a large selection of valves and valve accessories to satisfy your project requirements.