Sample Assortment Kit, Luer Caps

Q6000 CP
See below for details on kit contents and quantities.
Alternative items may be substituted depending on availability.

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Part No. Description Measurements Material Quantity
11009 Non-Vented Female Luer Cap, Black PP 10
12085 Vented Male Luer Cap, No Stem, with 3 Micron Hydrophobic Filter PP, Acrylic 10
12092 Non-Vented Double Dead-Ender Cap, Blue PP 10
17674 Cap, Male Luer Lock, Non-Vented, White, with Strap 0.205 inch ID Tube End (5.2 mm) HDPE, PVC 10
51400 Tethered Luer Cap Plug, Blue 0.245 inch ID Tube End LDPE 10
65305 Non-Vented Male Luer Cap, Dark Blue ABS 10
65353 Non-Vented Male Luer Cap, White ABS 10
65412 Vented Male Luer Cap, Blue PP 10
65414 Vented Male Luer Cap, White PP 10
65700 Non-Vented Female Cap for Male Luer Lock PE 10
65701 Vented Female Cap for Male Luer Lock PE 10
65702 Female Vented Cap, Clear PC 10
65706 Non-Vented Female Luer Cap, Yellow PP 10
65710 Vented Female Luer Cap, Hex Luer Fit, Red PP 10
65730 Non-Vented Female Cap, Clear PC 10
65734 Non-Vented Male Luer Cap, Blue HDPE 10
65803 Non-Vented Male Luer Cap for Female Luer PS 10
65804 Non-Vented Male/Female Universal Cap PC 10
65818 Non-Vented, Threaded Male Cap Plug, Natural PP 10
71300 Non-Vented Male Luer Cap, White ABS 10
71301 Non-Vented, Closed Male Luer Cap, White ABS 10
71681 Universal Snap on Breather Vented with Hole Cap PP 10
72037 Vented Female Luer Lock Cap LDPE 10
96842 Non-Vented Female Luer Cap PC 10
96843 Non-Vented Female Luer Cap, White ABS 10
96852 Non-Vented Male Luer Cap PC 10
96853 Non-Vented Male Luer Cap, White ABS 10
96887 Cap with Female Luer, Vented Threads HDPE 100
96897 Vented Male Luer Cap HDPE 10
65307 Vented Male Luer Cap, Yellow ABS 10
65807 Non-Vented Double Dead-Ender with Single Thread on Female End PP 10
65733 Non-Vented Male Luer Cap, Natural HDPE 10

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