Sample Assortment Kits

Sample assortment kits at Qosina help your team find the right component for any project. 

Sample Kits

Shop sample assortment kits of a variety of swabs, valves, male and female luer connections and caps, injection sites, needle hubs, clamps, stopcocks, and Tuohy Borst components. Sample kits arrive in durable plastic organizer boxes with divided interior sections to keep all components tidy and easy to identify. Custom sample assortment kits are available upon request.

Qosina OEM Components and Online Resources

Qosina has been a leading global supplier of non-sterile OEM components for the medical and pharmaceutical industries for more than 40 years. We operate a 95,000-square-foot, climate-controlled facility that includes an ISO Class 8 Clean Room and a huge inventory of components in stock and ready to ship.

Find 3D CAD models of all our quick-disconnect couplings and many other components in a variety of formats. Your engineers can use these models to adapt virtual designs, stay up to date on regulations, and share visuals with non-technical team members. Other online resources include clear images of all components on a one-centimeter grid and comprehensive technical specifications, such as material safety and data sheets (MSDS), technical data sheets, material certification, and compatibility information on all products. Download our free full-line catalog and contact us about bulk pricing and custom sourcing for components that keep your project on time and under budget.