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Let Qosina release your parts as you need them! Save time and money by utilizing this essential inventory management solution. Learn how to place a ‘Blanket’ Kanban Order.

  • Just in time delivery
  • Lower inventory investment
  • Shorten production lead times
  • Ensure competitive time to market
  • Eliminate tooling costs
  • Increase production space

Saves time and money

Qosina offers an essential inventory management solution for OEMs. Companies can now save time and money by selecting from over 5000 SKUs, placing a ‘blanket’ order, and having the parts released based on their own schedule.

Quantity Discounts

Depending on the quantity ordered, discounts may apply to your order. Placing a ‘blanket’ order makes it easier to reach these price breaks.

Immediate availability

The components are immediately available from our warehouse, reducing the customers' inventory investment, and freeing up space for more productive activity.

Reduces overhead costs

Many customers now use stock components in a Kanban program to reduce overhead costs by consolidating purchases and suppliers into a regular delivery program with one Qosina purchase order.

Minimizes inventory investment

Qosina works with you to deliver components as they are needed. This reduces the required amount of storage space at your facility, lowers your overall inventory investment and helps ensure a more efficient supply chain.

Meets your production capacity

Qosina provides just in time delivery to meet specific production capacity. If a facility is using lean or stockless production, activating our Kanban system can improve return on investment by reducing inventory levels and increasing the inventory turnover rate. We will reduce your production lead times by having your components on hand in our ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 registered climate controlled facility.

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Let our Kanban System Manage Your Inventory
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