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Kanban: A Tried and True Inventory Management Solution


Qosina’s philosophy has always been to address our customers’ need for selection and speed with thousands of stock components. We know your time is valuable, so we want to help you efficiently manage your production system. We offer many solutions for inventory management, and one such tool is the Kanban blanket order.

Kanban, Japanese for “visual card,” is a powerful inventory replenishment tool developed by Taiichi Ohno in the 1940s to improve manufacturing efficiency. Ohno, an industrial engineer from Toyota, noticed that local supermarkets were restocking items only when products were close to selling out and stocking only items that they expected to sell. Customers take only what they need because future supply is assured. With Kanban, inventory levels align with actual consumption. It’s reliable, simple and effective.


Benefits of using Qosina’s Kanban method:

  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Saves time and money
  • Quantity discounts
  • Parts can be released when you need them
  • Immediate availability of components
  • Minimizes inventory investment, freeing up space for more productive activity
  • Reduce overhead costs by consolidating purchases and suppliers with one order
  • Inventory is managed from our ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 registered climate controlled facility

Qosina provides Kanban services based on real time requirements. Place a blanket Kanban order and let Qosina release parts as you need them. For more information or to establish a Kanban arrangement for your components, call us at +1 (631) 242-3000 or email us at sales@qosina.com.