Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Do you have a list of items that can be irradiated?

Currently, we do not. During the custom sourcing process, the Product Development team will verify if the requested item is gamma compatible. If we do not have documentation of gamma compatibility, we will contact you to discuss how you want to proceed.

What is your cancellation policy?

This service is performed for each specific customer. As such, we are unable to cancel orders for a product that is in process.

What is your return policy?

Because this is a custom service, returns will only be accepted for product quality issues.

Does Qosina accept blanket orders?

Yes, large orders with regular scheduled delivery dates are possible. Depending on the specific customer requirements, we expect that each shipment will be irradiated immediately prior to delivery.

What is the shelf life of irradiated components?

Because we are not claiming sterility, the shelf life of any component is related to the gamma stability of the component itself. Qosina is offering this service for virtually any item in our portfolio. The gamma compatibility and the post-irradiation shelf life of the requested component will be evaluated at the time of quotation.

What information is on the labels?

The labels will include item number, item description and date of irradiation (month / year).