Force majeure on Zytel® 101F nylon drives use of high-performance Vydyne® 21SPF

Nylon Luer-to-Barb Connectors

Nylon is used in the manufacture of many single-use components for medical device and bioprocessing applications. With surging customer demand, lead times for nylon have extended beyond explanation, causing significant disruptions in the global supply chain and unprecedented shortages. Consequently, manufacturers have had no choice but to source alternative materials.

Read our latest blog which discusses the shortage of Zytel® 101F nylon and an alternative polyamide, Vydyne® 21SPF, which is being used to manufacture many single-use components including a variety of luer lock connectors. Qosina also explains how it mitigates the impact of material shortages through its global supply network and effective demand planning and forecasting.

Force majeure on Zytel® 101F nylon

In 2021, DuPont declared force majeure globally on Zytel® 101F nylon, a polyamide 66 resin that delivers high-performance benefits ranging from excellent balance of stiffness and toughness, and good heat resistance across a wide range of applications.

The shortage traces back to a scarcity of a precursor material, adiponitrile (ADN), one of the main chemical components used to manufacture nylon. Unfortunately, catastrophes such as chemical factory explosions and significant weather events, plus a spike in global demand for nylon, have exacerbated the shortage.

Vydyne® 21SPF — An alternative to Zytel®

Vydyne® 21SPF is a general-purpose, lubricated PA66 resin with an enhanced crystallization temperature. The product has been designed primarily for fast cycle time for injection-molding fabrication and offers a combination of engineering properties characterized by high-strength rigidity, good toughness, high melt point, good surface lubricity, abrasion resistance and resistance to many chemicals.

Qosina offers luer connectors made of Vydyne® 21SPF

Qosina is a global supplier and one-stop source of over 5,000 single-use stock components to medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers. We continue to successfully support our customers’ component requirements and are committed to ensuring security of supply through our accredited business opportunity management and quality systems.

Are you having problems finding luer connectors? Qosina has a breadth of choices and alternative options for all your project needs.

We are pleased to offer a selection of luer connectors made of Vydyne® that are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. These connectors are RoHS compliant and include regulatory documentation, CAD drawings and validation test data.

65424 Female Luer Lock to Barb Connector
65425 Female Luer Lock to Barb Connector
65426 Female Luer Lock to Barb Connector
65427 Male Luer Lock to Barb Connector
65428 Male Luer Lock to Barb Connector
65431 Female Luer Lock to Barb Connector
65432 Male Luer Lock to Barb Connector
65433 Female Luer Lock to Barb Connector
65434 Female to Female Luer Lock Connector
65435 Male Luer Lock to Barb Connector
65436 Straight Connector, White, Barbed Reducer
65437 Straight Connector, White, Barbed Reducer
65438 Male Luer Lock to Barb Connector
65439 Male Luer Lock to Barb Connector

Learn how Qosina can help you minimize supply interruption and effectively plan your component supply requirements

1. Assurance of supply

As part of our ongoing commitment to business continuity, Qosina has established a high service level for our customers through effective supply chain management, demand planning, forecasting and inventories. Additionally, we proactively assess the supply chain for our products for potential issues and take steps to mitigate the risks of interruption. In the case of a resin supply issue, we assess alternate resin selection when the original resin is unavailable. We understand that a new resin is an unwelcome change control in regulated industries and take pains to simplify the change control process for our customers thru careful resin selection and thorough documentation.

Reduce inventory costs and take advantage of volume pricing!

Being prepared for the unknown is an important part of any supply chain management program. Qosina offers delivery from our vast inventory, allowing you to reduce your stock levels and warehousing costs while taking advantage of volume pricing at the same time. We will work with you to plan out your projected inventory needs. You purchase components as you need them, and you can be confident in knowing that Qosina will fulfill your order.

2. Prototyping support

From prototype to production, Qosina will work with you throughout the design and development process and help you select the right components that match your technical requirements, timing, cost, and regulatory support needs.

We have a liberal sampling policy and offer low minimum order quantities to help get our components into the hands of designers quickly to help speed time to market.

3. Single source or second source? Qosina can be both.

At Qosina, we offer multiple options of similar products to meet your required specifications. To mitigate risk, design engineers can and should include alternative components into their design process. If, for some reason, one component becomes unavailable or is delayed, engineers can easily move to one of the other components, which is already in the design specification.

You may already be working with a component supplier but are having challenges with supply interruptions. Consider Qosina as a second source. We can help to alleviate the risks associated with production interruptions. With over 5,000 stock components in our inventory, we will happily spec out an alternative component that meets your exact specifications.

Qosina’s component specialists are available to meet with you to help effectively plan and forecast your component requirements for today and for the future. Contact us at +1 (631) 242-3000 or email