Fluid line with Spike, Clamp and Injection Port

With thousands of stock components, it is easy to build your own sub-assembles from our line of products. By connecting PVC tubing (T4305) to a vented spike/chamber assembly (X2011), male luer lock connector (65113) and Y injection site (12102), you can create a flush extension line. Include a roller clamp (X80021 & X80022), a luer cap (65700) and cohesive tape (17623) to complete the assembly. Additional material and size options may be available. Contact our sales team to learn more.

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Recommended Parts

Cohesive Tape, Latex Free - 17623

1x 17623

Tubing - T4305

1x T4305

Male Luer Lock Connector - 65113

1x 65113

Non-Vented Female Cap for Male Luer Lock - 65700

1x 65700

Y Injection Site - 12102

1x 12102

Roller Clamp Body, White - X80021

1x X80021

Roller Clamp Wheel, White; for X80021 - X80022

1x X80022

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Part No. Product Name Measurements Material
17623 Cohesive Tape 1 inch Wide; 2000 Ft/Roll Kraft Paper, Cohesive
T4305 DEHP-Free PVC Tubing 70A Durometer; 3/32 inch ID x 5/32 inch OD (0.094 inch x 0.156 inch, 2.38 mm x 3.97 mm) x 250 ft coil (76.2 m) DEHP-Free PVC
65113 Male Luer Lock, Tubing Port, Clear 0.159 inch - 0.156 inch ID (4.04 mm - 3.96 mm) MABS
65700 Female Luer Cap, Non-Vented, Natural PE
12102 Y Injection Site, Tubing Ports Both Ports 0.157 inch ID (4 mm) MABS, Polyisoprene
X80021 Roller Clamp Body, White Fits 0.161 inch OD Tubing (4.1 mm); for X80022 HDPE
X80022 Roller Clamp Wheel, White; for X80021 HDPE

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