Five ways Qosina can help speed your time to market when designing medical devices

It’s no secret getting your medical device to market in a timely fashion gives you a competitive advantage. Being the first to debut a cutting-edge product can help you bring in new customers who are eager to adopt a brand-new device or technology. Which is why, if your time to market is too long, you run the risk of your competitors pulling ahead of you and presenting your customers with an equivalent—or better—product. Therefore, your ability to act fast on medtech market opportunities and challenges is crucial.

But sometimes the process can be quite daunting and feel like a race. You may be spending too much time searching for parts than actually creating a product, thus failing to meet your time-to-market goals. Qosina hopes to alleviate that stress by providing innovative solutions to make your device concept a reality.

Here’s how we can help you get your product to market ahead of the competition:

Complimentary samples for in-house testing

If you’re in the prototyping phase of research and development, you don’t want to order a bulk quantity of a part that might not work for you. If you work with Qosina, you won’t have to. Over 40 years ago, Qosina pioneered the practice of offering complimentary component samples for testing and evaluation. We offer free samples on most of our 5,000+ products, so you can explore a wide range of materials, colors and configurations.

Downloadable product documentation

Qosina is happy to provide free 3D CAD models and material specifications that allow you to easily implement components into your designs while staying up to date with government and safety regulations. Qosina offers CAD files in a variety of formats, which can be helpful with everything from adapting engineering drawings to sharing visuals with non-technical team members.

Qosina also provides comprehensive technical specifications, such as material safety and data sheets, technical data sheets, material certification and compatibility information on all of its products. You can easily access these resources on our website.

Components from one convenient location

Unlike many medical component suppliers, Qosina is a one-stop source – you can find all the parts you need in our inventory to create your medical device. We stock components that can be used across a wide range of applications, like cardiology, bioprocess, respiratory, vascular access and more. Buying from a single supplier will streamline your vendor list and prevent complicated outsourcing. We also encourage our customers to validate Qosina components as a second source; if another component has already been specified, this is a proven technique to mitigate supply chain risk.

We understand it may take many iterations before your device is launched. Qosina is your partner for the long haul, further cementing our commitment to consistent service and supply for our engineering customers.

Source and customize components

Using stock components can significantly lower the cost and time of creating a mold since one may already exist. However, if the item you require is not in our inventory, we will work to develop the part to your exact specifications. A slight alteration of an existing mold can be a cost-effective way to create a new part to meet your requirements. Our knowledgeable product development team can easily adjust stock design size, color and material for your purposes.

Educational resources at your fingertips

Qosina makes staying abreast of the latest medical device engineering trends easy and intuitive. Visit the Resource Center on our website and watch videos to gain insight, ideas and inspiration for the development and application of your next-generation medical device. Read our blogs and download white papers and case studies for educational perspectives on new technologies, products and trends.

Qosina’s number one priority is to offer the best solutions to fit our customers’ needs and adapt as the development process continues. We provide consultative support from prototype to production. We recently added hundreds of new components to our product line and are adding new ones every day. So team up with us today and let us help you get your project off the ground and into production!