Single-Use Medical Filters

The vast product range of single-use medical device filters, along with complimentary samples, makes Qosina the first stop for all design engineers and purchasing agents who are sourcing disposable medical components for current and future projects. Qosina offers chamber filters in various micron sizes and materials; solution filters and conical filters are offered in many diameter sizes. Epidural filters and gas filters are available in several micron sizes; gas filters are equipped with hose barb connections. Hydrophilic filters are offered in straw and in-line styles. Hydrophilic filters come in a variety of colors and micron sizes and are available with luer lock and luer slip connections. Single-use medical device hydrophobic filters are available in a variety of styles, sizes and connections. Qosina also stocks a variety of in-line filters, IV filters, manifold filters, spike filters, syringe filters and transducer protectors.

Qosina offers Gas Filters in stock and ready for immediate delivery. In-line gas filters are offered in various hose barb sizes with either a 0.1, 0.3, or 0.45 micron filter which allows for precise filtration of particles. Available in a K-Resin or Acrylic housing, the single-use components are equipped with a PTFE or Microglass filter. Qosina carries PVC tubing and barbed connectors along with a variety of single-use components in stock inventory; request complimentary samples for testing.

Wholesale Medical Filters

Need non-sterile medical wholesale filters? Qosina has the largest selection of single-use medical device filters, offering free samples and Just-in-Time delivery. Hydrophobic filters and hydrophilic filters are equipped with a polypropylene housing and offer a female luer lock inlet, a male luer slip outlet, amongst other connections and various micron pore sizes. The hydrophobic filters are offered with a PTFE membrane and are available in 25 mm and 15 mm diameters and the hydrophilic filter is available with a PES membrane and in a 25 mm diameter. The PTFE membrane is used for the filtration of aggressive chemicals, including acids and non-aqueous solvents, as well as for sample preparation. Due to the low flow resistance to gases, the PTFE membrane is also used for air and gas filtration. The PES membrane is hydrophilic and has very low protein absorption, making it ideal in the areas of pharmaceutical and biological sample preparation. In stock and available for immediate delivery, Qosina offers a variety of filters for drip chambers, epidural, IV, manifolds, gas, respiratory, spikes, and syringes.