Qosina High-Flow Check Valves - Unique Solutions for Liquid or Gas

Qosina offers a new range of high-flow check valves designed in accordance with ISO 8536 standards, part 12: check valves for single use.


  • Low cracking pressures
  • Clear acrylic housing and silicone valve membrane
  • Available in both barbed and tubing port connection options
  • Opening pressure <= 0.29 psi
  • Back pressure >= 29 psi
  • Maximum working pressure -> 43 psi
  • Method of sterilization: EtO, Gamma radiation, and E-beam compatible
  • Can be customized using different housing materials such as PC, MBS and acrylic
  • BPA-free, conflict mineral-free, not made from natural rubber latex, Reach and RoHS compliant
  • Meet USP Class VI requirements
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Item PNTypeMeasurementpsi Cracking Pressure
91050 Barbed Fits 1/4 inch ID Tubing (0.25 inch; 6.4mm) 0.075
91053 Barbed Fits 1/8 inch ID Tubing (0.125 inch; 3.2mm) 0.029
91054 Barbed Fits 3/16 inch ID Tubing (0.187 inch; 4.8mm) 0.029
91055 Barbed Fits 3/8 inch ID Tubing (0.375 inch; 9.5mm) 0.029
91051 Tubing Fits 1/4 inch OD Tubing (0.25 inch; 6.4mm) 0.029
91052 Tubing Fits 1/8 inch OD Tubing (0.125 inch; 3.2mm) 0.029

Did you know?

These new check valves provide modularity in manufacturing, which enables the production of variations on the above body styles based on your needs (such as tubing port, hose barb, and luer connection options for inlet and outlet ports). Please reach out to the Qosina Europe office to discuss your custom sourcing requirements.

  • A check valve is a mechanical device (valve) that normally allows liquid or gas to flow through it only in one direction, preventing backflow in the system.
  • High-flow valves feature low flow resistance, low opening pressure and a positive seal against backflow. Designed for flushing and irrigating applications, high-flow check valves afford quick flow response for more control and ability to remove air bubbles during priming.
  • The valves’ capacity to increase flow with a less restrictive path is more and more appreciated in many medical and pharmaceutical areas of applications, in addition to the above-mentioned facts.

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