E-commerce Features

Product Page

Blanket Orders

For blanket orders with multiple release dates, enter requested ship dates directly on our product page while ordering your components. The ability to create blanket orders provides assurance of supply and allows Qosina to assist in your inventory management. On any product page above the product pricing, click on the arrows to the right of Blanket Orders to expand. Add the first ship date and the quantity needed, then click Add to Order. You can add as many dates as needed. You must be registered on our website to add products to your cart.

Sample Requests

Request complimentary samples of most products so you can evaluate or test before you commit to a large order. Navigate to the desired product and click the Sample Request button. The product sample will then be added to your cart. You must be registered for our website to request samples. If you do not see the sample request button for a desired product or you need more samples than the limit allows, please contact a Customer Service Specialist at (631) 242-3000 or info@qosina.com.

Download Documentation

Product documentation like technical data sheets, safety data sheets, drawings, and material certification and compatibility information are available for most products for direct download on the product page. Under the product image, click the arrow next to Download Product Documentation and all the available documentation will expand. You can choose each separately or download a complete file of resources at the bottom of the dropdown.

You may also download product documentation here by entering the product number.

Downloadable CAD models

Downloadable CAD models are available for many of our products and can be accessed on the product page. A listing of all available CAD models can be found in our resource center.

From the product page:

  1. Log in or register.
  2. Scroll down to see the online 3D viewing tool and click Update Preview.
  3. Next, click on the Generate CAD tab to select your preferred format.
  4. When you've chosen the format, click the Start Generation tab.
  5. Click Download to obtain the model

For a full list of our products that have 3D models available please click here.

From the Resource Center

  1. Log in or register
  2. Visit Resource Center
  3. Navigate to Browse 3D CAD Models
  4. Choose a product from the available selection
  5. Once you've selected your product, scroll down to see the online 3D viewing tool and click Update Preview.
  6. Next, click on the Generate CAD tab to select your preferred format.
  7. When you've chosen the format, click the Start Generation tab.
  8. Click Download to obtain the model

Compare Products

To compare products, navigate to each product page and click Add to compare list underneath the pricing table. A notification bar will appear with a button that reads View Product Comparison. When you are finished adding products to compare, click on that notification to go to the list. From there, you can compare images, names, prices, measurements and materials.

Shopping Cart

Qosina allows you to conveniently and efficiently shop for the products you need. Once you find your desired product, simply click on Add to Order, and your products are placed in your shopping cart. From the cart, you can create a quote, change your quantities, add more products via Quick Add, and check out with ease.

Create a Quote

To create an informal quote, add the products and quantities you need to your cart and click the Create a quote button on the lower left of the cart. An informal quote will auto-generate and begin to download.

Add Your Own Shipping Method

If you would like to use your own shipping method, please contact a Customer Service Specialist at (631)242-3000 or info@qosina.com to set up your shipping terms. Once activated, you will be able to add your own shipping method upon online checkout. Your shipping method will appear on the lower left corner of the shopping cart.

Quick Order Entry (Cart)

If you know the product number of the components you would like to order, you can do so from the shopping cart by expanding the Quick Order Entry form in the upper righthand corner. Add the product number and desired quantity. You can also input multiple shipping release dates for a blanket order on the same form. Simply add the product number, quantity and the date of release as many times as required.

Quick order entry can also be accessed from the My Account area.

Additional Site Features


On any product page, you may create a wishlist. Simply click on the Add to wishlist button at the bottom left below the Quantity block.

Once your product has been added to the list, you will receive a popup message with a button that reads View Wishlist. You can add or delete items in your wishlist from the from the quick view buttons on the product or category pages. In addition, you may add products from your wishlist to your cart, email a friend, or copy the URL for sharing.

Sourcing Request

Stock components can eliminate the cost and time of creating a mold since one may already exist. However, if the item you require is not in our inventory, we will work to develop the part to your exact specifications. A slight alteration of an existing mold can be a cost-effective way to create a new part to meet your requirements. Click here for our Sourcing Request form. You can also access this form in the resource center.

Full-Line Catalog

Qosina’s 500+ page catalog includes 5,000 full-scale images on a one-centimeter grid. Click here to view our digital catalog, download a PDF or request a print version.