CSR Vision Statement

Qosina Cares

Sustainability is no longer just about doing less harm. It’s also about doing more good.

Qosina Corp. began its business journey in 1980 when our founder, Stuart Herskovitz, launched his endeavor as a supplier of stock and custom components to medical device manufacturers. In 1987, Stuart added the Qosmedix division as a supplier of disposables and other products to the cosmetics industry. From the very beginning, long before Corporate Social Responsibility became a serious topic of conversation, Stuart understood the value and need for good corporate governance and ethical business practices. To be the best meant having the utmost respect for your customers and vendors and earning their respect as well.

“The foundation of Qosina’s Quality System is our commitment to meet and exceed our customer’s’ needs. This means attaining a level of overall performance that makes us the first choice of customers and earns the respect of those affected by the company’s activities. Company-wide quality, as an individual objective, is achieved by Qosina’s employees, who aspire to fulfill customer expectations and strive for excellence through continuous improvement.” – Stuart Herskovitz

In December 2017, Stuart passed the management baton of Qosina to his son Scott, who was appointed the President and Chief Executive Officer. As the saying goes, “Like father, like son,” Scott took the helm and Corporate Social Responsibility continued as a guiding principle for the company.

“Corporate Social Responsibility is a core value that is incorporated into everything we do. Qosina Corp. is committed to producing, distributing, and selling our products in a sustainable and responsible way.” – Scott Herskovitz

Through the years, Stuart has endorsed obtaining the appropriate ISO certifications to ensure that our company always operated pursuant to best business practices. During his tenure, the company attained and continues to maintain certifications to ISO 9001, 14001, and 13485. This fundamental commitment to corporate excellence continues to thrive under the mantel of Scott’s leadership, with the addition of a certification to ISO 22301 for business continuity. This certification assured our customers, vendors, and business partners across the globe that Qosina, already recognized as a trusted partner, was prepared to support them in times of crisis. This promise was put to the ultimate test during the Covid 19 pandemic, which took root in March 2020. Due to their preparedness and planning, Qosina/Qosmedix were able to navigate the storm and did not miss a beat in providing customers with the excellent service and reliable supply chain they had come to expect.

In 2019, Qosina was required by one of its major cosmetics customers to register with EcoVadis and be assessed for a Corporate Social Responsibility rating. Scott embraced the opportunity to join an organization dedicated to supporting companies in their efforts to be the best global citizens they could be. He quickly formed a committee, and the first assessment journey began. Our first assessment resulted in our being awarded a bronze medal, and we quickly worked diligently to achieve our current silver medal. It was gratifying to learn that without a formal Corporate Social Responsibility program in place, Qosina was conducting its business at a very high level. The initial committee of four has expanded to thirteen members with four subcommittees, and the program has captured the interest of the entire staff. We plan to continue our efforts to achieve gold medal status.

Our now formalized Corporate Social Responsibility program is entitled “Qosina/Qosmedix Cares” and is structured around our four pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility: environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. As a distributor of products and not a manufacturer, our challenge was to construct a sustainability vision and goals that are germane to our business model. We realized through self-analysis, consultations with business partners, and by joining the EcoVadis platform that there are many things we can do to enhance our efforts to be a responsible business partner.

Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in our global corporate strategy. Our vision is to improve both the environmental and social conditions throughout our supply chain by working with our partners towards a common goal. The weakest link in the chain is the strongest because it can break it. Together with our partners, we can strive to build an unbreakable chain. As our companies serve both the medical and cosmetics industries, it is essential that our products are sourced, produced, and distributed in a sustainable and responsible way. Our customers expect this from us, and we owe this to future generations. We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential component of doing business in today’s world, and our company is fully invested in bringing this initiative to the forefront of our daily activities.