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6-Way Connector - 83001

6-Way Connector

0.161 inch (4.1 mm) ID; 0.268 inch (6.8 mm) ID
Needleless Y Injection Site, Swabbable - 80146

Needleless Y Injection Site, Swabbable

Qosina offers an extensive line of luer-activated valves in a variety of configurations that are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Ideal for use in flushing, sampling and IV applications, Qosina part #80146 is a needleless access Y connector with tube ports that accommodate 0.16 - 0.11 inch ID tubing. Made of tinted polycarbonate and silicone, this swabbable luer-activated valve is opened by the stem of a male luer. Once connected, the valve is open, allowing for flow of fluids. Our sales team can assist you in building a custom configuration to meet your project requirements.
0.16 inch - 0.11 inch ID (4.1 mm - 2.8 mm)
Y Connector - 21900

Y Connector

.268 inch (6.8 mm) ID; .268 inch (6.8 mm) ID; .268 inch (6.8 mm) ID
Y Connector - 21061

Y Connector

All Ports 0.268 inch ID (6.8 mm)