Aramus™ 2D Bag Chamber, 3 Ports, Non-Sterile

Qosina part number 20508 is a high-performance fluid storage and transfer bag chamber ideal for bioprocessing applications requiring reduced risk of product loss, contamination and comprised quality for critical process fluids and high-value final products. Manufactured with gamma-stable fluoropolymer, this single-layer film does not contain curing agents, antioxidants, plasticizers, or adhesives.  Additionally, 20508 has a low particle count, greatly reducing the potential for process fluid contamination. This film provides high purity, exceptional compatibility, increased safety, and has a wide operating temperature range of -196°C to 121°C, making it extremely durable in frozen applications. Featuring a fluoropolymer boat port design and including a reinforced hanging opening for improved handling, 20508 has comprehensive chemical compatibility including 100% DMSO.
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Technical Features:

10 Liter; 2 Ports Fit 3/8 inch ID Tubing (0.375 inch, 9.53 mm); 1 Port Fits 1/4 inch ID Tubing (0.25 inch, 6.35 mm)


Fluoropolymer, PVC

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