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Qosina provides immediate access to 3D CAD models for all of our Quick Disconnect Couplings, as well as the components shown below the video.

We frequently add new components, so be sure to check back often.

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3D CAD Models

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  • MPC30039M

    Sealing Plug

    PSU, Silicone
  • MPC32003

    Sealing Cap

  • MPC32L

    Cap on Strap, Red

  • MPCK32039

    Sealing Cap with Lock

  • MPU30039M

    Sealing Plug

  • MPU32039

    Sealing Cap

  • MPX30003M

    Sealing Plug

    Buna-N, PSU, PC, Silicone
  • MPX30039M

    Sealing Plug

    PSU, Silicone
  • MPX32003

    Sealing Cap

  • MPX32039

    Sealing Cap

  • MPXK32003

    Sealing Cap with Lock

    Buna-N, PSU, PC, Silicone
  • MPXK32039

    Sealing Cap with Lock

    See www.colder.com for material information
  • PLC300

    Coupling Body Plug

    Acetal, Buna-N
  • 91600

    Needleless Injection Site, Swabbable, Female Luer Lock, Non-Discon...

    The needleless injection site features neutral displacement preventing backflow upon disconnection of a luer and is equipped with 300 PSI back pressure when activated. The non-disconnect male luer lock provides a non-removable connection eliminating the need for bonding and a swabbable luer activated female luer lock allows for aspiration or injection.
    COC, PC, Silicone
  • 23260

    Spike, Vented with Vented Cap, Female Luer Lock

    ABS, PP, LDPE, Acrylic/Nylon
  • 90406

    Needleless Injection Site, Swabbable, Female Luer Lock, Build-In B...

    Qosina offers an extensive line of luer-activated valves in a variety of configurations that are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Ideal for use in flushing, sampling and IV applications, Qosina part #90406 is a needleless injection site that features a build-in body, which is versatile and acceptable for a variety of applications. Made of tinted polycarbonate and silicone, this swabbable valve is opened by the stem of a male luer. Once connected, the valve is open, allowing for flow of fluids. Our sales team can assist you in building a custom configuration to meet your project requirements.
    PC, Silicone
  • 90405

    Closed Male Luer Lock Valve Connector with Female Luer Lock

    Qosina offers a variety of valves that are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Qosina part #90405 is a closed male luer lock to female luer lock valve connector which closes upon disconnection. This valve is designed for applications that require a high flow rate and is ideal for flushing and drainage. Made from PC, silicone and PP, this valve prevents dripping and leakage, restricting the free-flow of liquids and eliminating the need for clamping. Qosina offers a large selection of valves and valve accessories to satisfy your project requirements.
    PC, Silicone, PP