Why Sampling Is Essential

Most engineers know from experience that Qosina offers free samples of our medical OEM components to our customers around the globe. But why is sampling so essential to the design and development process? Engineers experiment with many different products while determining what to spec into a design. From sizes, colors, materials and pricing- all are considered to be pivotal to the decision making process. Our samples are perfect for...

Kanban: A Tried and True Inventory Management Solution

Qosina’s philosophy has always been to address our customers’ need for selection and speed with thousands of stock components. We know your time is valuable, so we want to help you efficiently manage your production system. We offer many solutions for inventory management, and one such tool is the Kanban blanket order.

Kanban, Japanese for “visual card,” is a powerful inventory replenishment...

Welcome to the New Qosina Blog

Welcome to Qosina’s inaugural blog post! We’ve created this blog so that we can share interesting, informative, useful and up-to-date content as it relates to the medical device industry. In the coming months, we’ll provide you with new and existing product updates and how-to’s, ideas on how Qosina can help you with your project needs, where you can find us at upcoming industry trade shows, and much more.

Who is Qosina? We are a leading global supplier of...